Exploring Bhutan

Exploring Bhutan


Do you dream of visiting a foreign land where people actually understand your language? A place that is closer to India yet different in taste and culture ? Then Bhutan will be a good place for you to visit .


Bhutan has a limit on the number of tourists that can visit and there are no McDonalds! The more I read and learned about it, the more I wanted to go.


Getting to Bhutan
You can fly into Bhutan via Bagdogra to Paro city in Bhutan , but we took the cheaper option of travelling by road from bagdogra airport to pheumtsholing , a border town in Bhutan .


On our arrival, we met with our guide ,wearing traditional Bhutanese dress; like a fancy dressing gown, with knee-high socks and smart shoes. This dress code is required by all Bhutanese nationals throughout the daytime.




From here, we took a scenic drive towards Thimphu, the country’s capital, where we stayed for 2 days.


Thimphu is a lovely city; clean and beautiful, with enough shops and entertainment for the evenings as well. (Fun fact: it’s also the only capital city without any road traffic lights. One was installed a few years ago but it was promptly removed as it was deemed to be too unfriendly!).


While exploring the town we found a bar in the basement floor of a local hotel. We had a great time listening to Hindi songs played on karaoke.


We also went to a nice bar called mojo park , and The zone which served delicious yak burger .


The food was not excellent in most parts of Bhutan  ; lots of red rice, local vegetables and potatoes, and their national dish – Chillies and Cheese – which is red hot chillies mixed in with a Yak cheese sauce. It is a bit unappetising, but then you are travelling to explore.


Most of your sightseeing in Bhutan will involve visiting’ Dzongs’, which are essentially existing or ex-government/royal buildings.


These are extraordinary structures, normally with white walls and impressively decorative ceilings.


Nearly all are attached to a Buddhist temple or monastery, so be sure to dress conservatively and be prepared to take your shoes off at each one.




After two nights in Thimpu we travelled to Paro for two nights.

D2FDD289-601D-4126-8261-E6A53C3F3784Our guide took us around the local markets to pick up some ethical souvenirs, before taking us for the trail.


Our first  full day in Bhutan was spent in Paro, visiting the most famous sight in Bhutan. The Tiger’s Nest Monastery is an impressive working monastery, perched on a cliff face 900m up from the valley. It’s only reachable by a tiring trek which isn’t easy, but it’s a scenic hike, with fascinating views the whole way.


The next day we did some sightseeing and said our farewell to Paro, and to our guide and returned to pheumtsholing to pack up and leave for Mumbai !


To find out different places I visited in Bhutan please check my Instagram account .That’s it from me , keep exploring and Always Be Snazzy !

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