Keep It Casual !

Keep It Casual !


In the European tradition, casual is the dress code that emphasizes comfort and personal expression over presentation, formality and conformity.


More simply, “casual” can be defined as something relaxed, occasional, not planned, or informal.


It includes a very wide variety of costume, anything that shouts comfort and cool or something worn on a nice relaxed day .


I am sharing my two looks from my holiday with family in this post. As it’s a winter time , you can see how I layered my clothes to fit the climate.


People who know me well , knows that I adore pants and jumpsuits more than Preety dresses, so when my family planned this fun outing , first thing I packed in my bag was my charcoal grey jumpsuit and my white geek print pants .


Jumpsuits and dungarees are excellent choice for a casual day out If you choose it wisely . If you do it right , it’s the most stylish casual thing to wear .


A casual sling bag , goggles, sneakers and a cap , hat or SnapBack adds more style to your casual outfit.

82248873-1ca6-4521-a8c6-bf1a29136297I tried layering a casual outfit with my faux leather jacket and it worked really fine .


If not a jacket , you can layer your outfit with any of your sweater or shrug like I did in the above picture .


If you don’t like accessorising much , just wear a cool pendant and your everyday watch and you are good to go.


Thats all from today’s post guys ! Have a Happy New Year and keep it stylish Always !

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