‘J’ for Jumpsuit

‘J’ for Jumpsuit


A Jumpsuit is the easiest piece you can ever wear and still look chic, yet you can still dress it out down by layering a top underneath or throwing a jacket over like I did .When looking for a jumpsuit, fit is always important, which is why I’m obsessed with this black beauty I am wearing .


The slim fit of the trousers to the tie waist – everything is just perfection!


For many, the mere mention of a jumpsuit can make you throw up a tiny bit in your mouth while visions of crotch-hugging jumpsuits-gone-bad dance in your head.And even those who love the idea of a jumpsuit still have to contend with the whole going to the bathroom thing. And the not-a-perfect-size-negative-2 thing.


Call me a crazy style blogger , but you might be looking at the jumpsuit all wrong. Adjust your one-piece, one-track mind and ban any thoughts of baby onesies or drop-crotch, flammable-fabric jumpsuits.


The jumpsuit in your future can be flattering and versatile, and yes, still wildly hard to get out of when you need to hurry to the loo. Even I can’t do anything about the bathroom conundrum, but two out of three isn’t bad.


Here’s what to look for if you’re going to ride the jumpsuit train.

  • Purchase length of your jumpsuit according to your height
  • Avoid buying online if you are not sure about your perfect fit
  • Buy a solid colour if you are buying jumpsuit for first time
  • Dont choose clingy material
  • Wear minimal accessories

And lastly don’t ever think that you can’t wear a jumpsuit, somewhere your perfect fit is waiting for you , you just need to find it :)


                               Outfit details

                             Jumpsuit : Toy-G , Shoes : Jabong , Jacket : Fashionlab, Sunglasses : Superdry

I hope all my snazzies like this post ! keep showering your love and Stay snazzy!


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