Lake city Lavasa

Lake city Lavasa


Everyone calls Lavasa a lake city because it’s a man-made city built on lake but I would like to refer it as a little mountain town surrounded by amazing jungles and lake. For people coming from loud cities Lavasa is an oasis of calm.


one can spend  days here relaxing in the mountains , hiking, visiting Mulshi dam or just walking and exploring the city.


Lavasa is stylistically based on the italian town , Portofino , as seen in pictures its architecture resembles European structure.


We stayed at ‘ The Waterfront Shaw’ , right on the waterfront at Dasve Promenade, nestled between Lake Warasgaon and the picturesque mountain ranges of lavasa.


There is choice of various water sports in lavasa for people of all ages . Elderly as well as children can immerse themselves in a fun-filled water sports experience.


If you are not a water person or If you don’t want to put your money in water sports, there are other various  adventure activities like zipline , bridge crossing , ATV ride etc. You can choose activity based on your likes.


One can take a tour of city cycling or on a Segway,  if you find Segway tour expensive there is also choice of a 5 mins Segway experience which is worth the money.


Lavasa is a best place to wine and dine with style and have long conversations over a cup of coffee.


Lavasa is a pet friendly city , if you want to take a vacation with your pet , it’s the right place for you.


Lavasa is a good getaway weekend place for people staying near Pune and Mumbai. I highly recommend people to visit this pretty city at least once for its beauty and architecture .


Plan a family vacation or a road trip with friends to lavasa you will surely not regret it. It is also a great destination for bikers or couples who want to  explore western ghats on bike.


If you are lucky you will be able to sight beautiful birds near lake or in the mountains .


There are so many places where one can get themselves clicked , you just need to strike that pose right !


I made an attempt to showcase beauty of this lake city captured in photographs , Hope you guys enjoyed it !

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  1. I enjoyed the post as well as the trip to lavasa. Re-lived moments spent at lavasa after reading this. Nicely described. Really appreciate.

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